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Phantom Comics | Phantom Comics Full Set | 8 Phantom Comics | 24 Phantom Stories | One Book Contains Three Stories | Phantom Comics By Lee Falk
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Phantom Comics Series: Phantom Comics Set of 8 Phantom Comics, 24 Phantom Stories (One Book Contains Three Stories) of Phantom By Lee Falk In Colour.

In this pack you get 8 Pocket Size Phantom Comic Books and 24 Comics.

English Comics contains following Comics and stories

1. Crime Avenger [Valley Of The Gorilla Man, Ghost Quest, The Challenge]

2. Predator of the evil [jungle mystery, the doorman, the jungle gang]

3. Evil's nemesis [the hit man, The Viper God, the Locust god]

4. The immortal justice [the connoisseur, ordeal at the sea, graffiti]

5. Justice for all [dakk pirates, the ghost wall, the crime apprentices]

6. The ghost's justice [stripes, U boat mystery, secret temple of Eden]

7. The ghost vengeance [the ghost pirates, the immortal man, return of chatu]

8. Enemy of the evil [the treasure hunters, the secret city, the animal collector]

Brand new color books. These books are out of print since 9 years. Last few pieces left.

The Phantom is a crime-fighter who operates from the fictional country of Bangalla, One of the most famous creations of Lee Falk. The books are out of print and will never be printed. Last few pieces left.

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