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9 Comics of Chacha Chaudhary Comics, Billoo Comics, Pinki Comics In English + Free Gift | English Comics | Chacha Chaudhary Cartoonist Pran Since 1981
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9 Comics of Chacha Chaudhary Comics, Billoo Comics, Pinki Comics In Hindi + Free Gift | Hindi Comics | Diamond Comics | Original ArtWork By Cartoonist Pran Since 1981 Published by Diamond Comics

Pack Contains

  1. 3 Chacha Chaudhary Comics in Hindi
  2. 3 Billoo Comics in Hindi
  3. 3 Pinki Comics in Hindi
  4. Total 9 Comics in Hindi + Free Gift.

These Comics are the Original art works of Cartoonist Pran, Printed by Age Old Diamond Comics (Editor Gulshan Rai. They had been printing it since 1983). Contains Nostalgic Stories that we used to read in our childhood. Really a worth Buy. Pack of 9 Comics of Chacha Chaudhary Comics, Billoo Comics, Pinki Comics + Free Gift

About Characters

  • Chacha Chaudhary Comics
  • is a middle class Indian, frail but an extremely intelligent elder. The word chacha means uncle in Hindi, while Chaudhary is a term used for big landlords or the most honorable, elderly or a respectable person in villages or towns in Indo-Gangetic Plain. A common saying about him is that "Chacha Chaudhary ka dimaag computer se bhi tez chalta hai" (Chacha Chaudhary's brain runs faster than a computer), which is a testament to his unparalleled wisdom and wits.

Chacha Chaudhary's attire includes his red turban, a wooden stick, a waistcoat with a double inside pocket, and a pocket watch. His household consists of his wife Bini (Chachi), a faithful street dog called Rocket and a giant alien from Jupiter named Sabu. Sometimes, a tiny man called 'Tingu Master' is also shown to live with them. Chacha Chaudhary enjoys eating watermelon with relish but mangoes are his weakness, and takes off for a walk with Sabu and Rocket, whenever Chachi nags him. When he takes off his turban, it is shown that he is completely bald.

Everybody in town knows that whenever Chacha Chaudhary goes out with his family, he never locks the door of his house; but nobody has been successful in robbing his house. However, in certain stories, Chachi (his wife) has been seen locking the house.

Sometimes his head or nose itches when any trouble is going to happen.

  • Billoo (Hindi: बिल्लू) is an Indian comic character created by Pran Kumar Sharma. It is published by Diamond Comics. The character was created in 1973. The stories are set in and around Delhi during seventies and eighties.

Billoo is a school going teenager. Much like the American comic book character Archie, Billoo is fun loving, likeable by girls although not so "Casanova friendly" as Archie is, and loves to play cricket. No one has ever seen Billoo's eyes due to hair covering it and his forehead but in a comic book named Billoo's Valentine's Day a short story named "Ek din", he was frightened by a dog and his eyes can be seen clearly because of his hairs being in air. He is shown as a prankster and naughty teen and his naughtiness which make him face problems, but with to his cleverness he comes out of all troubles with the neighbourhood aunties and goons.

Billoo has a pet pup called Moti. His gang includes Gabdu, Jozi, Monu, Bishamber among others. His bête noire is Bajarangi, a wrestler and Dhakkan, Bajarangi's aide. Jozi's dad Colonel Three Naught Three also dislikes Billoo.

  • Pinki (Hindi: पिंकी) a comics series by Diamond Comics characterizes a five-year-old girl. The Character of Pinki was created by Cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma in year 1978 The comic is distributed in 10 languages. Pinki is often seen with her pet squirrel named Kut-Kut. The other notable characters in this comic are her neighbor Jhapatji, her friends Bhiku and Champu. Pinki has also appeared in Chacha Chaudhary and Billoo comic books.

Whenever she tries to help her neighbor Jhapatji, she always messes everything and whole neighborhood is scared of her menace doings.

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